Some Questions You May Have

What kind of worship do you have?


We have a contemporary style of worship. We have a full band, which includes lead guitar, percussion section, keyboard/piano, pads, as well as other instruments as our worship band members are willing and able to play. Our worship band has members of all ages and we are always welcoming more members to join our band.


What translation of the Bible do you use?


We don't have a church standard translation. Our members and guests use a variety of translations, but generally, we preach from the New American Standard Bible or the Holman Christian Standard Bible.  But no matter what translation you bring or use, we pray that you are able to grow closer to God in your faith with your translation.


What about kids?  

We have children's church three Sundays a month for kids from 1st-6th grades. We always have nursery and childcare up to kindergarten every week. Our volunteers are screened, and have passed background checks, and we have a sign in/sign out system to help protect our kids. The last Sunday of each month we are privileged to have our kids from 1st-6th grades in "big church" worshiping alongside us!


I noticed the sanctuary lights were off Wednesday night. What happens on Wednesday nights at GRBC?

That's a great question!  On Wednesdays, at this time, we have youth and children's ministries meeting, as well as small groups for men and women. All this takes place in our youth room and education building, which is the big building across from our sanctuary. You can follow the awning from the sanctuary and the signs will take you where you'll want to go. Because of this, the sanctuary stays closed, and on Wednesdays, isn't generally opened until we have worship band practice.  

I have questions that aren't on this page.  What do I do?

You can click HERE to go to our "Contact Us" page, drop us a message, and someone on staff will contact you ASAP to answer any other questions you may have!