Nicaragua- El Viejo

GRBC works with Pastor Omar, who is the Director of Missions at Crosspoint International Missions in Nicaragua. We’ve partnered with a local church, FBC El Viejo, or as their church is known, Iglesia Bautista “Sea la Luz” (Baptist Church “Be the Light), where Pastor Francisco, his wife Anna, and their family serve diligently. 
This young church, with 30-50 members, ministers and holds church services in 4-5 remote villages while continuing to have their own services on Sunday. The vision is to have a Pastor and church in each location. Our team has helped build a church in Puerto Morazán, we’ve installed better lighting inside FBC El Viejo, and we also gifted Pastor Francisco and Anna by pouring them a cement floor for their home. They were so excited because they’d only had dirt floors all their lives. 

Each year we have VBS in several villages, we do door to door evangelism, have Bible studies, and each evening a worship service is held in a village, or back at FBC El Viejo.

We are building relationships with the people in the areas we serve. They remember us each time we return. 
Our Nicaragua team is led by Ronnie & Denise Eason.