Children's Ministry

Project Reopen Kids’ Ministry 

New Procedures: 

  • Volunteers wear shoe coverings

  • Diaper bags and other belongings hang in the hallway 

  • NO PARENTS allowed in rooms

  • Temps checked upon arrival for volunteers and children 

  • Children GermX hands at the check in station 

  • One way travel in the hallways 

  • Grades 1-6 will meet in the gym. (gym completely closed for play)

    • Hula-hoops are placed 6 feet apart in the gym and chairs are placed inside the hula-hoops. 

  • Snacks will not be served  



  • Create a survey to poll parents about who will be willing to bring their children if/when Kids Min opens back up. 

  • Poll volunteers to determine who will and will not be available to volunteer (I decided not to poll volunteers. Instead, I am asking people that have been attending church since the beginning. I feel they would be more comfortable being in close distance with others. I will ask others as they come back.)

  • All toys were removed from every room and thoroughly cleaned. Only toys that can be cleaned and/or wiped down were placed back in the rooms. 

  • After church the toys will be placed in a mesh laundry bag, soaked in bleach water, sprayed with water hose, and laid out to dry. 

  • A list of every volunteer and child and their temp will be kept on record for each Sunday. 

"We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done. So the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds but would keep his commands."

Psalm 78:4, 6-7

Our preschool and children's ministry exists to partner with parents in guiding their children to grow up loving God. At Greenbrier, we are passionate about impacting the next generation with the greatness of God. We desire to guide the children to pursue a love relationship with God through age appropriate Bible study and special events.

We meet in the children's wing on Wednesday nights from 6:00-7:00pm. We have high energy worship, break off mission groups. games, and tons of fun!!  On Sunday mornings, we have pre-school worship and Sunday School starting at 9am.  We invite you to visit with us!